Anonymous asked: I think you should definitely do the accent challenge, I wanna hear how you sound as well:)

Going to record it now. 

accent challenge


I also tag onmypace shazamnightwiing and @needtolainey because I need to hear what you 3 sound like

Bruh, don’t do this to me. my english accent is the worst.


Nom nom mofucka

Straciatella/stroopwafel icecream and broodje warm vlees

Kruiskade lovin


I just want to be big already.

You getting there, Abe!

halfguardaroundtheworld replied to your post: anonymous said:I’m mean physicall…

have you seen urself?

for real, I’ve grown some but deadlifts-and-donuts is way bigger than me.


7k followers oh yeah

Whet? how do you do this?

Anonymous asked: I'm mean physically you guys look a lot a like.

Still don’t think so. Have you seen the guy? He’s hella big.

Anonymous asked: Post nude

I’m not a prude, hell I’m naked all the time, but this is not the place.

Anonymous asked: Hi 💕

Hi, you don’t have to do this on anon.