28/8/2014 Bench

Decent bench day. I felt like I had more in me, but noteless I’m happy with my work today. I think not having a spotter made me hold back a lot. I need to make a gym buddy asap. All in kilograms.


Warm up 
5 x 60
5 x 80

Work sets
3 x 5 x 100
3 x 1 x 110

Dumbell Bench
5 x 60
5 x 64
5 x 68
5 x 72
5 x 76

Cable Fly
5 x 70
5 x 80
3x 5 x 90

Seated Cable Rows
5 x 5x 90

Not telling your parents, grandma or older siblings that you are getting your motorcycle license, because to them motorcycle license equals death. 

Since I’m casually gonna get fat in the coming months, don’t expect any type of progress pics. 


People @ afropunk 2014 by Brianna Roye

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27/8/2014 Squat

Today’s session started out pretty shitty. Everything felt wrong. No energy. I was struggling with 80 kilos. Wut?. But I did not quit. Kept adding weight and when I got to 110 kilos, everything started to fall in place and felt like I was doing some proper work.

Warm up
5 x 50 kg
5 x 80 kg

Working sets
5 x 100 kg
5 x 110 kg
5 x 120 kg
5 x 130 kg
5 x 140 kg

I haven’t squated this heavy in over a year. Feels good to be back on it. 
I also found out today that I’m pretty much the only noob that didn’t count the bar weight 😑. Now I have to change all my numbers in my spreadsheet log.
Btw I’m not much of a social butterfly at the gym, so I really had to bring up all my courage to ask this guy to film me. 


Sweet, sweet bunny


Manly things

Get to know me!

Fill in the blanks and tag 6 people!(don’t forget to tell them you’ve tagged them)

I was tagged by hulkgains, because we’re both aquarius, and he loves me obvi. 


Name: Otmar

Birthday: February 12

Favorite color: Maroon

Lucky number: 12

Height: 6’3” 

Talents: Lifting lol, cooking a lil bit. 

Last dream you remember: Me and ectoraptor having an argument because I was being a lil shit.

Can you juggle: No

Art/sports/both: Both

Do you like writing: I have been writing in my journal again since last year. It’s quite a read actually. lol

Do you like dancing: Hella

Do you like singing: Hella by myself


Dream vacation: Canada/Australia

Dream guy/gal: KELLY ROWLAND, but since that will obvi never happen, I’ll go with someone with the same mindset as me when it comes to basic morals. Other than that, they can be as different in personality as they come. 

Dream Wedding: Just the two of us. Ride to the city hall on my bike. Get married. Her in a simple but beautiful short dress, me in my tux without tie. Go back home, grab our stuff, and  catch a flight to a beautiful resort in the Bahamas. 

Dream pet: Hella bunnies and goats

Dream job: Accountant/ Gym owner

Favourite song: This changes with every week, right now it’s Prince - Sign O’ The times.

Last song you heard on the radio: Dotan - Home

Least favorite song: Probably a Katy Perry song.

Least favorite album: I can’t think of one. So I’ll go with one from my favourite artist. The Purple Rain album by Prince.

Least favourite artist: Pretty much everyone on the Top 40 right now. 


Guys/girls/both: girls

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Brown/black

Humorous/serious: Both

Taller/shorter: Shorter/Both

Biggest turn-off: inconsiderate, mean, disrespectful, aggressiveness,

Biggest turn-on: confident, kindness, thoughtful, happiness, smiles, etc

I don’t see these people in tags often, so here ya go: nourish-mintcomeoutwet,  sinsecretosestaves, samliftsthings, redemption-or-ruin, mauritsdebruijn, raisarsd

Spill the beans peeps.